From the beginning, the Lyric story has revolved around attracting more variety and more birds to America’s feeders by providing the best nutritional value possible, and today, that tradition of excellence continues with a full line of premium, hand-crafted options for birds – and bird watchers – of every feather.

What we stand for

Every variation of Lyric Wild Bird Food is developed based on five principles that have been a part of its manufacture from the beginning

Wider Variety of Birds

Our goal at lyric is to attract the widest variety of birds possible. We do this by selecting the highest quality seeds, grains, nuts, and fruit ingredients on the market, as well as providing information on which feeders are best used in conjunction with your favorite Lyric Wild Bird Food.

Nutritional Value

The team members at Lyric love birds, and we’ll fly the extra mile to ensure that each mix contains only the best ingredients and nutrients that birds need to thrive. Competing brands often change the recipe of their mixes based on the quirks of the grain and seed markets - buying surplus, unwanted or damaged supplies to keep costs down, at the expense of nutrition and product consistency. As we say at the Lyric plant - the recipe is the recipe - and despite updates to modern manufacturing techniques, we still habitually refer to the initial hand-written notes upon which many of our original mixes are based.

Taste & Appearance

Birds are visual, and evidence shows that they are attracted to certain foods over others based on color, texture and nutritional needs. And like people, they also have distinct preferences – preferring roasted nuts to plain, hulled seeds over those still in the shell – and each species has a menu of favorites. At Lyric, we are encyclopedic when it comes to bird likes and dislikes, and we’ve used that knowledge to develop the species-specific blends customers love for their ability to attract their backyard favorites.


Every delivery to the Lyric plant is hand-inspected for quality and freshness and is delivered just in time for manufacture. There are no silos to hold months-long supplies of common ingredients, and this “small batch” approach ensures maximum freshness and shelf life. We’ve also pioneered our packaging with Lyric’s Stay-Fresh Technology, playing a dual role in preserving freshness and preventing the growth and propagation of pests both in the plant and in the package.


With all the attention to detail when it comes to nutrition, taste, and freshness - it’s no surprise that the manufacturing process for Lyric Wild Bird Food produces a lot of by-products that don’t make their way into the package. Lyric’s “no-waste” philosophy means that every ingredient in the package (as not all of the mixes are no waste) is consumable by birds – but it also means a waste-free approach to manufacturing. Some of the seeds that find their way into Lyric mixes, for example, are scalped, sifted or cleaned up to four times before they are ready for the mix. Rather than reuse the discards (as some manufacturers do) or simply throw them away, the by-products of our manufacturing process find their way into the local cattle feed supply.

Hand-crafted. American Made.

Since its acquisition of the Stanford Seed Company in 1993, Lebanon Seaboard has encouraged and supported the handcrafted, evidence-based approach to product development. Operating our Binghamton-based plant as a kind of micro-lab for new ideas, we are continually improving and innovating in the same, homespun yet surprisingly sophisticated way. Many members of the Lyric team have been a part of the operation for decades, and their love for their feathered customers – and the people who feed them – is evident in the care, dedication, and pride that infuses our day-to-day work.