Chickadees are one of the friendliest birds, as well as one of the easiest birds to attract to a feeder. Found throughout the northern half of the U.S., the Black-capped Chickadee is one that is easy to keep around if you keep your feeder stocked. Want to learn more about these sweet, small feathered friends? Check out these 10 fascinating facts about the Black-capped Chickadee!

  1. Black-capped Chickadees love to eat sunflower seeds and peanuts. Fill your feeder with Lyric Chickadee Mix - specially formulated with everything chickadees love!
  2. Chickadee calls, unlike other birds, have language-like tendencies. The more dee-dee-dee’s that are in their chickadee-dee-dee call, the higher the threat.
  3. The Black-capped Chickadee is famous for hiding seeds and other morsels of food to eat at a later time. Each item is placed in a special hiding place, and the chickadee can recall where each one is hiding - they can remember thousands of hiding spots, too!
  4. Every year in the fall, Black-capped Chickadees allow their body to rid the brain of neurons that store old, useless information (like old, unused food hiding places!)
  5. The chickadee’s diet changes by season - their summer diet consists mostly of caterpillars and other insects, while in the winter it mainly consists of seeds, berries, and small fruits.
  6. Chickadees generally form the nucleus of winter bird flocks that they cohabitate with. Other species that join chickadee flocks include nuthatches, kinglets, creepers, warblers, vireos, and woodpeckers.
  7. Black-capped Chickadees always sleep in their own individual nesting cavities - even when temperatures are far below zero.
  8. Chickadees are known to nest in small natural cavities, nesting boxes, and abandoned Downy Woodpecker cavities.
  9. Because of the friendliness and curious nature of the Black-capped Chickadee - if you’re patient (and very still!) you may be able to get a chickadee to land on your hand when offering seed.
  10. Black-capped Chickadees LOVE Lyric Chickadee Premium Sunflower & Nut Mix. Consisting of shelled peanuts, black oil sunflower seed, sunflower kernels, black-striped sunflower seed, pecans, and pistachios - it is full of tasty snacks that will not only attract chickadees - but nuthatches, titmice, and many more backyard birds!