Common Redpoll

Physical Traits

The male Common Redpoll is a small finch-like bird with a red crown, pinkish breast, and brown-streaked body.  The female has a dab of red on her head only.  Both males and females have a yellow beak.


They live in trees or bushes.  They also like brushy areas with conifers, catkin-bearing aider or birch trees.  Nests are made from grasses, fine twigs, roots and tree moss.  They are lined with a thick layer of hair, fur, wool or downy plant material.  They can withstand the harshest cold temperatures to as low as 65 degrees below Fahrenheit.  At night they tunnel as deep as 4” into the snow to stay warm.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

For mixes containing Nyjer seed use tube feeders with small openings or select a feeder specifically for Nyjer seed.  Hang a tube feeder from a tree branch. Even on windy days, Common Redpolls will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder.

States and Regions Found

They are primarily found in the northernmost states, Canada and up into the Arctic area.  They are an eruptive migrant which means they only move south if they need to find food sources.