Field Sparrow

Physical Traits

The Field Sparrow is a very common bird found in pastures and fields. Their song consists of a repeated whistled note of one pitch that increases in rate until reaching a trill.


The Field Sparrow forages on the ground or in low vegetation with a preference for insects and small seeds. It is comfortable in residential areas and is a frequent visitor to feeders. The nest is shaped as an open cup consisting of woven grass stems and lined with finer grasses and other materials. The nest will be located near the ground in overgrown grass clumps or at the base of shrubs.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Place a tray feeder low to the ground in a protected area that offers the safety of trees or shrubs. The Field Sparrow will also feed on dropped seeds. To attract sparrows, use a blend of millet and sunflower seeds.

States and Regions Found

This bird is seen from eastern Montana and eastward to southern Quebec and southern Maine and southward to central Texas and northwestern Florida.