Painted Bunting

Physical Traits

The Painted Bunting is a small finch and one of the most colorful birds in the United States. It is marked with bright blue, green and red plumage. The male is unmistakable with a red chest, blue head and green back. The female is bright yellow-green color. Males are aggressive toward one another and fights which include pecking, sometimes resulting in death. This behavior is contrasted with its song that is high-pitched and sweet.


The bird can be found in open areas of brush, thickets and woodlands. Along the Atlantic coast it can also be found in hedges and yards. This resourceful bird uses a variety of methods to find food. It can fly up to grab tall plant stems and pull them to the ground to extract the seeds. They will also pluck insects entangled in spider webs.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Hang a feeder from a branch. Even on windy days, these birds will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder.

States and Regions Found

The Painted Bunting can be found in two regions during breeding season: Missouri and Kansas to the Gulf Coast and northern Mexico and the Atlantic coast from central North Carolina to central Florida. The western group winters in Mexico to Panama, the eastern group can be found in Florida and the Bahamas.