Pine Siskin

Physical Traits

This little brown bird is a common brown-streaked creature with a small, pointed bill. Fortunately, flashes of yellow in its wings and tail make identification easy. They are acrobatic and hang upside down.


They travel in flocks and visit brushy woodlands. The Pine Siskin breeds in pine forests and can be found in parks, cemeteries, and other suburban areas. Its nest is made of twigs, grass, and fibers placed high in conifers.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Hang your feeder from a tree branch. The tiny holes and short perches found on finch feeders make these tubes perfect for the Pine Siskin. Even on windy days, the bird will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder.

States and Regions Found

They're located throughout most of North America and through the mountains of northern Mexico.