A bird feeder is always a thoughtful gift to bring a little nature and joy into someone’s life. But when that feeder happens to be homemade and with a charming up-cycled sensibility, you’ll offer something special that looks great in any backyard or patio.

Luckily, you don’t have to be especially skilled or crafty to pull off this vintage-style feeder made with a few simple materials: a mason jar, a chicken feeder and a re-purposed pot lid for easy hanging. It's also just the right size to easily accommodate a variety of small, colorful songbirds.

Watch our DIY Bird Feeder instruction video below.


  • Quart-sized (32-ounce) canning jar
  • Round chicken feeder. Look for one with a neck that’s designed to screw onto a jar.
  • Metal lid with handle from an old pot. An enamel-coated lid is a great option.
  • Polyurethane adhesive (or a strong, weatherproof glue of choice that adheres to glass)
  • Your favorite Lyric Premium Wild Bird Food

Tip: The purpose of the lid is to hang your feeder. Look for one with a “suitcase-style” handle on the lid versus a knob handle.


  1. First, thoroughly clean your jar.
  2. Next, flip the jar over and carefully apply your glue to the bottom of the jar. Center the lid over the upturned jar and set it on the glued surface. Allow to dry completely (see instructions on your adhesive for total drying time).
  3. If you have a drill, add a few small drainage holes to the bottom of the chicken feeder for easy cleanup and to reduce seed spoilage.
  4. Add your favorite birdseed blend to the jar, screw in your chicken feeder, and flip over so the feeder fills with food. Your beautiful new feeder is ready to hang and feed the birds!

Keep your local songbirds safe and healthy. Every few weeks, discard the old seed and scrub the jar and chicken feeder with soap and hot water, followed by a dip in diluted bleach water. After a final rinse, allow to dry thoroughly before refilling with fresh seed.

To make the most of your gift, be sure to include a bag of premium seed. Lyric Fine Tunes No Waste Mix is packed with high-quality ingredients that will attract a flock without leaving a mess on the patio.

To make this feeder, you will need a 32 oz. jar, a round chicken feeder that you can screw into the jar, an adhesive that will stick to glass, and a lid with a suitcase handle.
After cleaning your jar, flip it upside down and apply your adhesive.
Once the glue is applied, center the jar on your lid. Once situated, stand upright, place in a safe location, and let it dry according to package instructions.
Once dry, fill with your favorite Lyric Wild Bird Food (we used Fine Tunes), attach the feeder, and hang on a shepherd's hook. Sit back and watch the birds enjoy!