While bird feeders come in a variety of options at the store, sometimes it’s more fun to make your own. What could be more satisfying, after all, than watching your wonderful backyard birds feast out of your own handmade feeder? Get your kids involved and they’ll love watching their hard work attract all of the beautiful creatures to your yard. You can create wonderful feeders simply using materials you have around the house.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

Juice Carton Feeder

All you need is an empty juice carton, paint, scissors and a popsicle stick for this easy craft project. Simply cut out shapes and attach the popsicle stick as a perch. You could complete this feeder and have it up in your yard in one afternoon.

Egg Carton Bird Feeder

What else are you supposed to do with those leftover egg cartons? Start by cutting off the top of the carton and then let your kids decorate the bottom with paint or markers. Poke holes in the corner to create a hanger with pieces of twine. Fill with birdseed, hang from a tree and enjoy.

Soup Can Bird Feeder

You can make a bird feeder out of almost anything, including an empty soup can. All you need to do is attach a perch, decorate the can, and hang it from a piece of string.

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