Part of the fun of feeding birds is seeing how many species you can attract to your home to identify, view, and enjoy.

The good news is that there are many strategies you can take to maximize your chances of drawing new and ever-fascinating varieties right to your window.

Consider these steps that may broaden your home birding horizons.

  1. Install multiple birdfeeders. The size and shape of the feeders you install could have a profound effect on the species that come to sample your offerings. For that reason, you may employ a mix of tray/platform, hopper/house, window, tube, Nyjer/thistle, and/or suet feeders to make the feeding process convenient for different-sized birds with different feeding habits.
  2. Offer a smorgasbord of seed types. Like humans, bird species are partial to different foods with different nutrients. Tempt a wide variety of birds and boost traffic by filling your feeders with a virtual buffet.
  3. Create a water feature. Even birds that don’t feed on seed (such as American Robins and Baltimore Orioles) can be lured to your yard by fresh water since they need it for both drinking and bathing. Instead of offering just standing water, try to install a fountain or waterfall feature that may be noticed by birds from outside your immediate neighborhood.
  4. Incorporate bird-friendly landscaping. Research and plant shrubs that can offer birds adequate shelter from the elements. You may also wish to prioritize plants native to your area that can act as food sources, and/or flowers in varieties known to attract birds
  5. Maintain a brush pile in your yard. Instead of automatically removing natural refuse after raking up your property, think about leaving it in a corner for birds seeking winter shelter and spring nesting material.

Are you seeking out certain birds that have yet to frequent your yard, deck, or patio? Read about the specialty foods at Lyric Bird Food and the species they’re formulated to attract — then fill your feeders with a nutritious mix designed to appeal.