If traffic at your bird feeding station is getting slow, maybe it’s time to experiment with the buffet. Try this protein-packed avian delicacy: peanut pieces! Often overshadowed by sunflower seeds, the universal bird food, peanut pieces are a special treat that will attract a wide variety of birds. Buying pieces versus whole peanuts can save you time and money - because you're not paying for shells the birds won't eat and there's no mess. The varying size pieces also means a wider variety of birds will be attracted to the feeder because there is a wider variety of morsels to grab and go.

Lyric always uses the freshest ingredients in small batches, so morsel by morsel, you can always count on quality. Did you know peanuts are not really nuts? They are part of the legume family - similar to peas, beans, lentils and soybeans to name just a few. Why do birds love them?  Because they are high in fat and protein and highly nutritious. Peanuts help birds get the calories they need for a variety of energy demanding activities.


Peanuts will get the attention of a variety of birds, such as jays, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and towhees and many more of your backyard favorites..

Choosing the right feeder for peanut pieces is important as you don't want the no waste mix to get wet as this can promote mold which is not healthy for the birds. Fill one of your feeders with Lyric Peanut Pieces, and watch your feathered friends go nuts!