Somewhere in your yard is the perfect spot for your new bird feeder. That perfect spot should offer you a great view of the birds so you can tune in to nature, learning more about bird species and their behavior and calls. At the same time, the ideal spot will be comfortable and safe for the birds.


To keep window collisions to a minimum, feeder placement is critical. It may seem counter-intuitive, but birds are safer when feeders are 3 feet or less from a window pane. That’s because if they take off and hit the window, they haven’t gained enough speed. Otherwise, place the feeder at least 30 feet from any windows.

Natural shelter

Another consideration is your yard’s natural features. Nearby tree branches and shrubbery will make most species feel safe. Features like evergreen branches can provide a nice wind buffer during the cold months. Whether you choose to place it near a tree or from a low-hanging branch, just keep in mind that overhanging branches make it easy for squirrels to access the food you set out for the birds. To discourage squirrels, try a dome-shaped feeder topper which also provides a bit of a extra shelter and keeps the seed dry. There are also feeder designs which use the weight of the visiting squirrel to close a panel so the seed cannot be accessed.


You'll want to locate your feeder where it's enjoyable to you and your family to watch, but be sure to take into consideration potential people traffic and movement near the feeder - even from inside the home. Some birds are more tolerant of movement and noises in your house than others, so be sure to take this into account so you don't spook them away. When the feeder is visible from your house, that will also help you keep an eye on the seed level so you can keep it filled when the supply gets low.

Wherever you place your new feeder, remember that high-quality seed is also important. Lyric Wild Bird Food, offers premium blends to attract more birds to your feeder.