Song birds and bird-feeding enthusiasts are singing about Lyric Fine Tunes No Waste Mix. Fine Tunes is Lyric's newest wild bird food mix. It was developed with the hand-crafted approach for which Lyric is known.

Fine Tunes provides the following benefits to you and your birds' backyard feeding experience:

1. A no-waste mix - the food is 100% edible. You are not paying for shell waste. Some low price wild bird food mixes that promote themselves as "no waste" contain white proso millet still in the hull. The hull does not get eaten.

2. All natural ingredients - there are no artificial additives or preservatives in Fine Tunes. Wild birds diets typically consists of all natural foods that they source. Unlike pet birds, we cannot monitor a wild birds diet. When we provide food at feeders, we don't believe we should add artificial ingredients into their diet.

3. No inexpensive fillers. Many low-priced mixes contain red millet. That grain is an inexpensive filler that is not desired by most birds.

4. A wide variety of desired nutritious foods will attract a wide variety of birds. The six ingredients in Fine Tunes are cut peanuts, pistachios, almonds, hulled white proso millet, sunflower kernels and shelled pumpkin seeds. Draw birds like robins and Indigo Buntings.

5. Finely-cut pieces make Fine Tunes easier for birds to eat and allows smoother flow in feeders.

6. Stay Fresh Technology - This safe technology uses packets of iron filings that oxidize or rust in a sealed bag. This action removes most of the oxygen from the bag providing you and your birds a fresh product.

7. Resealable closure on our 5-lb. bags.

8. High nutrition content - contains 15% protein and 35% fat to fuel birds energy needs. Fine Tunes high nut content provides Vitamin E which aids in bird digestion.

9. Color photos of the birds attracted featured on each package.

10. A year-round food that is especially great to use in the spring. The smaller pieces are easier for smaller beaked birds to eat.