Lyric is pleased to announce the addition of Lyric Golden Safflower to our Wild Bird Food lineup. Golden Safflower offers the following nutritional benefits for wild birds when compared to white safflower:

  • 25% more protein
  • 30% more fat
  • 15% more oil

In addition, Golden Safflower has a 40% thinner hull so it's easier for birds to eat with less waste around the feeder.

Another benefit of Golden Safflower is that it is not appealing to squirrels, so you're likely to see fewer of them hanging around the feeder competing with your bird traffic.

Golden Safflower is available as a single seed, as well as in our Lyric Cardinal Premium Sunflower and Safflower Wild Bird Mix. These new products continue the Lyric tradition of providing all natural foods with no additives.