It's always a joy to see a bird perched right outside your window, inches away from your breakfast nook while you're sipping coffee. For an optimal, up-close birdwatching experience from the comfort of your home, try a window feeder to attract birds year-round.

Choose your style

Many window feeders are made of acrylic and easily attach to your glass pane with suction cups, so they give you viewing access to bird feeding that just wouldn't be available otherwise. This type of feeder is also a great option if you live in an apartment building or might not have access to place a feeder outdoors. Whichever the case, you can expect to enjoy seeing birds feeding, up close and personal.

Fewer window collisions

In addition to the enjoyment factor, window feeders can actually be life-saving for birds. Several studies have shown that far fewer fatal collisions with windows occur when feeding stations are placed within 3 feet of the glass. That’s because the birds are less likely to gain enough speed to make a forceful collision with the pane. A window feeder might offer the right win-win solution.

Enjoying your feeder

Like any feeder, it may take a few weeks for birds to discover the latest neighborhood buffet. Be patient, scatter some seeds on the ground and wait. They will come.

Will birds get skittish if they see people and pets in the house? Perhaps. However, bolder bird species, such as sparrows, finches and chickadees, seem pretty tolerant of human activity at a healthy distance. Some window feeders come with a one-way-mirror film you can apply to the glass, right behind the feeder. This film allows you to see out, but the birds can’t see in. In any case, when a bird alights near your window, it’s a good idea to minimize the noise and movement so it will be brave enough to come back.

Of course, high-quality seed will keep the birds flying in for second helpings. Shop Lyric for all of your bird food needs.

Chickadee on a window feeder.