Remember that big bag of bargain bird seed you brought home? There was a lot in there for the price, so of course you had to pick it up. Unfortunately, you may also be left with a big mess under your feeder or deck.

Chances are good that the bargain blend from the store was stuffed with cheaper varieties of seeds known as filler. Perhaps that filler came from unwanted or damaged supplies the manufacturer had purchased on the cheap. While that means a nice price for you, birds are much more likely to kick them aside than eat them. Birds, after all, are visual creatures, and they are often going after something in the feeder they’d much rather eat, such as a sunflower seed, a colorful pistachio, a peanut or a piece of dried fruit.

Lyric prides itself in producing premium wild bird food products, many of which are no-waste.  Our no-waste philosophy means that every ingredient in the package is consumable by birds, resulting in a waste-free, mess-free and weed-free product.

Many discriminating bird enthusiasts prefer no-waste mixes when feeding their backyard birds. They know that pound for pound comparisons to other blends don't tell the whole story. No waste blends mean that you won't be paying for the added weight of any filler or seed hulls or shells that the birds won't eat.

Even more important is how clean the area below the feeder will be when you use a no-waste mix. It's a great option if your feeder hangs on a deck or patio area.

Lyric’s No Waste Mixes are created using nutritional, all-natural, 100% edible ingredients for your backyard friends. Each morsel we choose is intended to attract and nourish birds. Our blends are research-based and field-tested, adjusted one ingredient at a time so you can be sure the wild bird mixes you serve will attract a variety of birds.

We could certainly stop there, but we also take extra care in our manufacturing process. Some of our seeds are sifted or cleaned as many as four times before we put them into the mix. For you, that means no hulls, no debris and no germination of weeds from the seeds that drop to the ground. Try Lyric Delite No Waste Mix, and learn firsthand the real value of a no-waste, no mess mix. You will love it and the birds will too!

Lyric Delite No Watse Wild Bird Food Mix