Looking to attract birds to your outdoor space? The color makeup of your backyard can have a big impact.  Tailoring your color choices to the birds you're after is a great strategy but always aim to keep your colors bright. Birds see vibrant colors as a sign of health (in other birds), ripeness (in berries), or being full of nectar (in flowers). Here are some of the best colors to add to your green space and the types of birds you can hope to attract with every hue.


The most popular color among people is attractive to Blue Jays and bluebirds as well. This is because birds, in many cases, appear to be attracted to colors that match their own. This means you can immediately begin to select the birds you want to come to your yard simply by the colors you add.

Some great blue flowers you can incorporate into your garden include hydrangeas, asters, and bellflowers.

Orange or yellow

The same color-matching strategy applies to orange as well. Placing orange flowers or scenery in your backyard is a great way to attract orioles or warblers. Likewise, yellow will bring goldfinches to your yard, so plant those sunflowers.

Aside from sunflowers, other great orange and yellow options include tulips, lilies, impatiens, and zinnia.

Red and pink

Cardinals are an obvious choice here but red or pink is also an excellent way to draw hummingbirds to your property. Red is a great color to attract birds rather than bugs as insects have trouble identifying the color red while birds see it just fine.

Aside from the obvious rose, other beautiful red and pink flowers you can include in your garden are gerbera daisies, yarrow, coneflowers, and azaleas.


Brown and other earthy tones are attractive to birds of the same color but all birds will enjoy the added camouflage such offerings provide. Give your backyard a more natural appearance with shrubs and trees and the birds are sure to come and complete the ambiance.


Try to avoid this one as it provides a stark contrast to the rest of your yard and birds seem to dislike the color. Some species even see white as a warning. A few white accents won’t repel all birds, but try to keep your usage of white to a minimum.

Once you've brought birds to your home through bright colors, keep them there with food. Lyric Delite is a no-waste mix birds love. While they're enjoying the mix you can experience the thrill of up-close bird watching without the mess of shells. It's a win-win situation that's sure to please everyone.