Fall checklist for our bird-loving friends!



- Add more feeders to attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

- Clean and repair feeders regularly to provide a clean and safe eating area for your birds.

- Rake up and dispose of any debris beneath feeders to avoid unwanted guests.



- Be sure to provide high levels of healthy fats for energy to help prepare them for winter such as black oil sunflower seed.

- Offer foods high in protein such as Nyjer to assist birds with molting.

- Keep clean water available for bathing and drinking. You can also incorporate a heated bath to ensure that birds always have a source of water to drink and bathe from.



- Create brush piles.

- Squirrel-proof your feeders.

- Create nesting habitats for migrating birds.

- Take down empty birdhouses.


Click here to download this checklist!