To prepare for the upcoming summer season of birding, it is essential to focus on key aspects to keep our feathered friends happy, safe, and healthy. Check out our birding checklist to get ready for the upcoming season!



  • Check feeders for damage and make sure to repair or replace them if needed.
  • Ensure there are a variety of feeders available to attract a wide variety of birds.
  • Clean feeders regularly or at least twice a month to provide a clean and safe eating area for your birds.



  • Be sure to provide high-protein food to help support a beautiful plumage- after all, feathers are 90% protein.
  • Make sure to provide high levels of fat for energy, feather production, and proper feather coloration.
  • Provide essential vitamins, like vitamins A & E, which are necessary for birds' reproductive health and the development of offspring.
  • Keep clean water available for bathing and drinking.



  • Grow plants and trees that will provide protection and provide a food source, such as berries and insects.
  • Hold off on trimming hedges and shrubs that provide cover and shelter.
  • Don't mow meadows or brushy areas until late summer so birds can complete nesting season.
  • If you find a nest- stay away.


Click here to download this checklist!