National Bird Feeding Month is an opportunity to show our appreciation for birds and contribute towards the conservation of our environment. This month centers on supplying food, water, and shelter for our feathered friends so that they may thrive in their ecosystem.


But this isn’t a new annual celebration. The tradition dates back to February 23, 1994, when Congressman John Porter declared National Bird Feeding Month in an effort to encourage individuals to help supplement wild birds’ diets. Today, it has become an important part of American culture, and continues to be celebrated annually with enthusiasm and dedication.


If you’re interested in learning more about National Bird Feeding Month, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will dive into its origins and reveal how to get involved.


The History of National Bird Feeding Month

As we briefly mentioned above, National Bird Feeding Month was first declared on February 23, 1994. Congressman John Porter wanted to recognize National Bird Feeding Month in order to remind us that bird feeding can have a positive effect on our environment.


In the National Bird Feeding Month announcement, John Porter declared February as “one of the most difficult months in the United States for wild birds.” He encouraged individuals to provide food, water, and shelter to help wild birds survive. He called on all Americans to join National Bird Feeding Month and “help create a better, more hospitable environment for wild birds.”


Wintertime can be a difficult season for birds, with food sources becoming scarce due to snow and cold temperatures. National Bird Feeding Month encourages people to pay attention to the needs of wild birds and join in on the celebration.


Since its inception, National Bird Feeding Month has become an increasingly popular event. Each February presents a unique opportunity to come together and commemorate the conservation of our feathered friends. Everyone is invited to take part in this special occasion and lend their support towards protecting birds and their environment.


How to Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

Now that you know a bit more about the history of National Bird Feeding Month, it’s time to get involved!


Here’s how:

Step 1: Stock up on bird feeders and supplies.

National Bird Feeding Month is all about providing, so make sure to stock up on feeders and birdseed. A wide variety of feeders are available, from simple window models to more complex multi-level structures. Make sure to choose the right one for your yard, leaving enough room for birds to perch and feed.


For food, Lyric Wild Bird Food offers a variety of seed blends that cater to different bird species. For example, the Fruit and Nut blend is ideal for attracting robins, orioles, Blue Jays, titmice, buntings, and grosbeaks, amongst many others. While the Supreme Mix blend is a favorite of a huge variety of birds, such as woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, and cardinals.


Do your research and make sure to find the right feeders and birdseed. You will really get into the swing of the season as you watch your yard transform into the ultimate bird sanctuary.


Step 2: Create a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard, or in nature.

Food isn’t the only thing that birds need to survive. National Bird Feeding Month is also about providing them with clean water, sheltered areas, and nesting materials. If you have a backyard, make sure to create a bird-friendly space.


You can start by planting trees and shrubs that provide shelter from wind and rain, as well as attract insects. Then add a clean water source such as a bird bath – either self-contained or with running water. Lastly, provide nesting materials like yarn, lint, and string.


If you’d like to get involved in National Bird Feeding Month beyond your backyard, there are a variety of ways to do so in nature. For example, you can help clean up trash at nearby parks or volunteer with local conservation groups to restore wildlife habitat. There are endless opportunities to make a difference!


Step 3: Educate yourself and others on bird conservation.

Finally, National Bird Feeding Month is an excellent opportunity to get educated about birds and their environment. Start by reading up on birds in your area, what they need to survive, and the threats they may face from habitat loss or climate change.


Education is the key to success. Use this opportunity to share your newfound wisdom with others in order to create a healthier habitat for our friends, and inspire people around you to participate in bird conservation. After all, National Bird Feeding Month is all about uniting the community and taking action.


For many years, National Bird Feeding Month has been celebrated worldwide and brings much-needed cheer to people throughout the globe. Join in this delightful tradition by lending a hand to these magnificent creatures.


If you require any assistance starting up this National Bird Feeding Month, let us know at Lyric Wild Bird Food. We’re happy to provide advice, tips, and tricks for a successful February! Let’s make it a fantastic month for our winged friends—together!