White-throated Sparrow

Physical Traits

This handsome sparrow has a bright white throat and a yellow spot between the bill and eyes. It has black and white stripes on its head and a gray breast. Distinctive song can be heard any time of year: "Old Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody!"


You will see them in woodlands, thickets, and occasionally in gardens. Its nest is made of grass in a cup shape and is on the ground.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

As the White-throated Sparrow feeds primarily on the ground in or near the protection of dense underbrush and shrubs, we recommend you place a tray feeder in a protected open space with shrubs and trees nearby. The White-throated Sparrow will frequent other types of feeders, nervously perching at the feeder and scavenging dropped seed below it.

States and Regions Found

The White-throat is common in much of North America except for the extreme north and west.