Landscaping is not always about achieving that green, flowery summer look. Even with the arrival of winter, there are things you can do to liven up the view beyond your window. So much the better If these improvements also happen to make your yard more welcoming to songbirds and other winter wildlife! To kick off some inspiration, here are five things you can do to remake your wintry landscape:

1. Bring new life to empty flower pots

When summer blooms die away, fill those bare spaces with evergreens. Artfully arranged spruce tips and holly branches bring texture and dimension to otherwise flat surfaces. Place them near your feeders, and the songbirds will have a nice little windbreak between seeds.

2. Provide shelter

Birdhouses and roosting boxes are welcome additions to any winter yard. If you’re looking for something that’s easier to hang, give roosting pockets a try. These little shelters are made with woven, natural materials, attract chickadees, and can easily be hung from the evergreen branches in your yard.

3. Get crafty

Combining your love of DIY crafts and birds is the perfect way to spend time indoors and add nature-friendly seasonal decor to your winterscape. Dress up bare branches with these pretty DIY bird feeder ornaments, or this DIY bird feeder wreath.

4. Plan your plantings

If you’re a gardener who’s planning and dreaming of spring, think beyond the summer effects of next year’s planting. Look for shrubs and perennials that are known for hanging on to their fruits and foliage all winter long. Ornamental grasses provide another excellent winterscape option when you wait until spring to trim them back. At the same time, many provide additional sources of food and shelter for the birds.

If you’re looking for some great options to plant, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Flowering dogwood: This is a native tree that is able to grow in both sun or shade, and produces berries that attract both songbirds and other game birds.
  • American holly: Holly always reminds us of winter and the holiday season! This plant of dark pointed leaves and vibrant red berries is a favorite to many songbirds.
  • Oak: Acorns are a winter snack for many animal species! Planting oak trees will add to the buffet you can provide in your yard in addition to bird feeders.

5. Go solar

When your solar-powered garden ornaments are put away for the winter, a solar bird feeder can bring that winter shine to your yard. To really set off the glow, many are designed with tinted, transparent materials so you can enjoy bird sightings by day and a welcoming glow by night.

Creating a winterscape for your yard comes down to adding texture and dimension. Apply some of the above ideas, brew a pot of your favorite tea and enjoy the beauty of winter.

This birdseed wreath will have all of the neighborhood birds stopping by for a treat, and will look festive in your landscaping!
Adding plants that keep their greenery throughout the winter are ideal plants to add to your landscape, whether planted in the ground or kept in containers. dmf87 / iStock / Getty Images Plus